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Default Re: 2010 World Cup-South Africa


You have spoken your mind plainly and honestly, I admire and respect that.
Also, I do have respect for the German (Deutsch) football team, they fight the game until the end and even if they are defeated, they march with pride and honour out of the pitch.


Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
I'm certainly not thinking England are going to win. We won once, 44 years ago, against half a country. And that was before sky sports came along and basically killed off any romantic notion of the players being one with the fans, and the clubs being part of the communities. Now they're just big businesses who pay ridiculous amounts of money to people for playing just so they can get up in the "premier league" and get a load of people to buy insanely expensive season tickets and t-shirts to get more cash in their pocket. I actually bought a Germany shirt and y'know why? Because it was only 10 in TKMaxx compared to going into an "England" store and paying 50 for the same type of shirt built in indonesia by some peniless kid and then marked up by about 4000% of what it's actually worth. Plus i dunno if you've noticed this, but Germany's shirt has 3 stars on it, which is 3 times more than England. It's amazing how people from across the world think we have the best football in the world when in actual fact we're pretty much useless at it.

I think i am going to have to agree with GD here that it is quite sad how much people in this country "care" about football because none of the people at the top care and very few of the players do either. I think that if people really cared that much about football in this country they should ditch the carconegenic junk food and booze and get their arses down to a local pitch with some mates and make their own bloody football instead of sitting down at their 50" TV station and wasting their lives watching the crap on sky sports.
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