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Default Re: 2010 World Cup-South Africa

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post

I think i am going to have to agree with GD here that it is quite sad how much people in this country "care" about football because none of the people at the top care and very few of the players do either. I think that if people really cared that much about football in this country they should ditch the carconegenic junk food and booze and get their arses down to a local pitch with some mates and make their own bloody football instead of sitting down at their 50" TV station and wasting their lives watching the crap on sky sports.
That's overly harsh. I've no doubt that all the players in the England squad have a passion to do well in the world cup. Undoubtedly the money they're on is ridiculous, but it's an industry built upon free market principles - supply and demand. The only way the wages can be sustained is if people turn up and pay the ticket prices. If the fans don't want to pay that much then they're free to boycott matches. If that was done on a national scale things would change. Unfortunately, football is a global industry, there will always be a league with the money to tempt the best players over. The big money keeps the top players in the domestic league.
Mismanagement is another problem altogether, as my local team Pompey found to their ruin. As many fans have said, it would seem a better state of affairs to have teams owned under fan cooperatives, never going to happen in the top flight though.
England to (quite rightly) make the semis, losing on penalties to one of the familiar foes ;)
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