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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hi Todd... have a pretty tight schedule in the upcoming months as I learned from styxworld. I wish you good luck with that and I hope you stay healthy, Todd!

Here we go: I've been working on my singles and doubles and all sorts of conjunctions since I layed hands on MM last year. Unfortunately I'm reaching a level or rather a limit of speed lately that I'm having a hard time to surpass. I'm not talking about coordination and evenness...this seems to me to a be a sheer matter of power...but I don't really know. I can go fast on the xpad but when it comes to the drum I drop out at about 90% of that speed....and I'm far from what YOU can do (as far as I can tell from videos and MM).

Would you rather recommend to practice speed and evenness on a surface with more rebound like e.g. a mesh-head? I figure it's a finger/wrist - thing especially on the left hand since I play trad. It always seems to lag at higher speeds. I really dig your alternating doubles/singles - exercise, brought my singles way forward!

Sorry man...this is the best way I can put it other than simply asking "How do you do that?"

Thanks Todd,


PS-Update: What do you think about aluminium sticks for practicing strength, Todd? Or do they tend to mess with someone's touch? ..Again, thank you!

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