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Default Re: pretty dumb question

I never noticed this thread. It made my night! If I had another hissy fit and walked out again it wouldn't matter because I can see the forum is in safe hands :)

Hedon, I tried Google Chrome but I found it didn't work well with forums, including this one. So it's back to Firefox.

Andy, Abe's right, Polly does put the kettle on. Normally five coffees and one tea each working day, followed by a few teas in the evening.

This begs the question - why isn't there a furore about heavy coffee drinkers gaining an unfair advantage in the workplace over those who don't drink coffee? The edge gained by the use of caffeine as a performance-enhancing drug could mean the difference between winning that promotion - or not. Is this because work is less important than sport?

Anyway, I'm coming clean. I can't live with this dirty secret any more ...

I'm a cheater. There, I said it.

I'd be nothing without caffeine. I know I've done wrong and I'm prepared to accept the umpire's decision and I'll take the consequences of my actions on the chin.

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Polly's rhythms
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