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Default Re: pretty dumb question

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
I've never been dissected this way before. Abe, are you a latent shrink?

Possible original questions; & the list goes on............
Why are drums round?
I would like Larry to take this.

Does Drummerworld concentrate too much on drums?
It doesnt. It concentrates on Jazz

Are congas used for death metal?
No but Bongos are. @ 400 Bongos Per Mambo

Are Istanbul cymbals owned by Steamer Industries?
Thats 'Stanbul. Gruntesdad going to getcha if you dont watch your spelling.

Does Polly ever put the kettle on?
Polly's got a Caffine thing, I know that.

Does Average underrate or overrate himself?
He could go either way on this one...

Should Bernhard send Thaard to Bankok?
Never! Thaard will be King of Norway soon.

Does Matt like gloss finishes?
Does it matter?

Was Bermuda ever square?
Bermuda was always too hip to b aquare


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