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He is hella fun to watch play! Speaking of which, there was a point where he was going off and killing the ride he had on his right side and the wingnut on the tilter came loose and the cymbal bent over. Joshua Redman went over to hold the cymbal in place and actually grabbed the cymbal to keep it in place. Brian was so engulfed in the moment and in the music, that he didn't immediately realize that the cymbal was no longer ringing, AND to make matters worse, he didn't realize that he was also beating the hell out of Josh's hand! Repeatedly! When he finally realized what was happening, the look on his face was hilarious, Josh was laughing as well though, and him getting his hand bashed in had absolutely no effect on how brilliant his playing was that night. And I meant to say that I saw him with Joshua Redman and Wayne Shorter that year. Again, an absolute beast on the the drums and one of my heroes. Dude's on my short list!
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