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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by tomgadd
hard to hear....

1.brecker brothers - night flight
2. Herbie Mann - Dicotheque - Hijack
4. michel petruciani - Chimes
5. al di meola - casino
7. gomez - metwo or mezga
8. sunlightsquare
9. Bill Watrous - Lester Leaps In
10. chuck mangione - tarantella
11. Mark Colby - Serpentire Fire
12. paul mccartney - take it away
14. hubert laws - Airegin

nice drum solo from Jun Fukumachi - New York all Stars live (1978)
Love Play - Drum Solo 3mb
good job tomgadd, im impressed. 9 correct answers.
# 8 is actually Peter Gabriel- no way out
# 10 your correct, the artist is Chuck Mangione, but the tune is 'The 11th commandment'

The Jun Fukamachi solo is impressive, one of my favs.. fantastic drumming and all around musicianship in the entire album.

Originally Posted by Bernhard
great Berlioz!!!

Just love it - well done - great job.....

I admit, that I don't know all these pieces. I must PM you if I can get some of those from you for my library.....


No3: Richart Tee???
No problem Bernhard, let me know which ones you want.
btw # 3 is 'Sergio Mendes and the New Brasil '77' tune Peninsula

Originally Posted by KzSgDrummer
13. Ben Sidran - Seven Steps to Heaven
15. Quincy Jones - Stuff Like That
good job KzSgdrummer... #13 was a tough one (and the last time i checked, a hard album to get a hold of)
and # 15 is one of the funkiest intro's ive heard.

a quote from Quincy Jones himself:
"THE BEST RHYTHM SECTION IN THE ENTIRE WORLD: Ralph Macdonald, Steve Gadd, Eric Gale, Richard Tee, Anthony Jackson"
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