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Default Re: My band is heading into the studio - Now with pics and videos!

Originally Posted by Neil View Post
So, I have a question which possibly may show my ignorance. The kit and amps you used. Are they not your own stuff or is equipment that you've rented while you're away? I got the impression from the thread that it perhaps wasn't your stuff?

Reason I ask is I would be seriously excited about getting my drums on a trip like that. They should be able to see the world outside of London too ;)
That's not my kit, no. The studio had tons of gear to choose from, so that was never a problem. In addition to that, the studio is halfway around the world from where I come from (Norway), so bringing my own kit would have been a massive expense and hassle.

Sure, I'd love to have used my own drums, but from an objective standpoint, the kits they had there are of better quality than mine. In addition to that, the engineers are also used to the house kits, meaning they know how to mic them to get a great sound from them

The only gear I brought with me were sticks and pedals. Our guitar player brought his main guitar. Other than that, everything we used was supplied by the studio (several guitars and basses, several amps, full drum kit, microphones, etc)
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