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Default Re: Hip Hop?

Anyone remember the LL Cool J Unplugged? I never found out the drummer in that show but it was definitely a rockin jam-out session with everything played on actual acoustical instruments. I was so inspired I forced my old band to cover "Mama Said Knock You Out", including the breakdown when they played the main riff from The Black Crowes " Hard To Handle".... It went over great and always got everyone dancin and carrying on and what not.

I cant see many rappers today being able to pull this off. A good amount of whats played commercially now is either fixed with a vocoder(?[Lil Wayne]) or sung completely out of key or out of tune(Drake, T.I.).

Now some of these R and B or blues singin females are completely TOO talented for what they are doing. Alicia Keys who is phenomenal IMO... along with a few others, deserve better musicians to back them. Maybe some Hip Hop artists should follow suit and stand out from the rest.

Its all music though so I cant ignore it no matter what I think of it. : )
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