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Default Re: Should i learn another instrument?

I'm a brass musician by trade and you could say having that experience has helped me as a drummer as it has given me a better understanding of the framework of music. Drumming has helped me as a composer have a better idea of rhythm and keeping in time while playing brass has given me the theoretical knowledge of scales and melody.

My advice is that if you're looking to compose, pick up as many different instruments as you can, you will notice patterns when it comes to scales and chords and it should help your writing skills, the day you can pick up any instrument and find notes on it and play a tune is the day you'll become an excellent composer.

If all you ever intend to be is a drummer and you see yourself as a performer, not a composer, I'd stick with drums. Your drum playing wont improve playing a guitar anywhere near as much as it would if you just played more drums.

A lot of drummers do pick up bass because traditionally it's a time keeping instrument, drums also tend to follow the bass.If you've read drum sheet music you should be familiar enough with bass clef and slapping/tapping is quite percussive, just know that becoming a gymnast on the fret board won't directly influence how you play with a pair of sticks in your hands.
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