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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

That's the thing. It already IS working for me. Trying to focus on mostly ankle movements and keep my hip flexors from being activated was leaving me literally uncomfortable on the seat. It felt like the pedal tension was too low to get any "spring off" but too high to comfortably step down.

So I pulled down my pedal tension, raised my seat about two inches, scooted in a bit, and double kick patterns sprang to life faster than I was doing just yesterday! Stuff I was struggling to get on tempo was a BREEZE. In my "can't drum" time I've been practicing the movement on the floor. It's the first way to do it that felt "right" for me, so I'm thanking you IMMENSELY for opening my eyes to it! I swear I had been under the impression that the goal was to MINIMIZE leg movement at high speeds, so seeing you say "well no, that can definitely work" was a revelation.

So I'm just, you know, curious about any other little tips and tricks. Seat placement ideas, if ankle weights are a good idea, etc. Obviously I'm not going to copy you exactly since we're built totally differently, but I'm always on the lookout for little nudges in the right direction, yah?

Again, you kick major ass, DR. And I heard you're moving away from triggers now? INTENSE!
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