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Originally Posted by drumgirl1985 View Post
I actually wrote Bernard and he said that there was a spammer because of an unusual amount of guest viewers. Honestly though, why would a spammer just view. Spamming is advertising, and the thread didn't have any spamming in it. The question and answer in this months Modern Drummer magazine was really great, so I think that people just googled Steve Hass, and came here.
Ok to make it clear:

If you google Steve Hass Drummerworld Website comes up - NOT the forum.

When the attack came in there were 18'500 guests on the forum constantly same time for some days - and all visiting this Steve Hass Thread. My Server Experts had no other possibility to delete that thread or closing the forum for some time.

So we decided to go the easier way.

The 5 or six visitors from Modern Drummer are welcome and really no problem!!

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