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Default Re: This is not a goodbye thread

Normally I wouldn't do this (make a statement of returning here) but since I started this thread, I figured I might as well say so, since I abandoned my own thread...

CanCon is stupid. It only benifits one kind of music (though I always liked Our Lady Peace) and more often than not it's the ones who don't need it. Like Anne Murray. Or Rush (ugh)*. CanCon helps the Canadian ALT ROCK musician, that sounds a certain way. More often than not that certain way is TERRIBLE. Or it's Burton Cumings. It's like SOCAN, it does nothing for you unless you're already partially famous (not I did not say 'good') If a band is good enough (to the people, not skill wise), they will get noticed. Any of you Canadians know Big Sugar? How famous did they get? Not very, but they should have, they are fantastic and along with the Headstones (how much did CanCon help them?) are my 2 favourite Canadian bands. But they did not sound like something 'the people' would latch on to, so therefore, minimal support. Hugh Dillion has said as much as has Gordie Johnson. Any success they had, they MADE.

In theory, CanCon (it's an actual term, yeah:) is good, but in theory, so is communism. Problem is that in the end, only one group of people benifit and if you are 'like them', you don't. It might give you a CHANCE of living the dream, it might give you hope, but unless you sound like the others, forget it. If you do, well done and good luck.

Kim Mitchell? Ha ha, that's funny. I just couldn't deal with that guy. Doesn't mean I don't KNOW all these songs (thanks to ConCan), I just hate them.

CanCon is the musical manifestation of Canada's fear of becoming American.

Uh, so anyway,


*One of the best things about living here, hardly anyone knows them=)
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