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Default Re: Peter Steele 1962 - 2010

An outstanding commitment from a true hardcore fan.

Originally Posted by Frost View Post
He was unique, those kind of people that are so messed up but at the same time so brilliant are very few and far between. He had a weird way of looking at things that was so brutally honest and refreshing you couldn't help but agree, no matter how depreciating it was. Life was messed up, so messed up all you could do about it was make fun of it to take the sting off.

Peter has been more than a musical inspiration over the years for me. Type O were one of my first favourite bands when I was younger and I still listen to their music and enjoy it to this day.

I have more respect for him then almost anyone else I have never met and many that I have. His music will always continue to be a huge influence on my life.
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