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Default Re: Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

This is (yeah, yet another...) Catalina Maple Set with Sabian cymbals. The setup is as follows:
10" & 12" mounted toms with Evans EC2 clear batters and stock resos
14" & 16" floor toms with Evans EC2 clear batters and stock resos and Pearl Air-Suspension feet
14" x 6" Snare drum with Remo Fiberskyn 3 batter, Ambassador Snare Side reso, with Pearl Ultrasound snare wires type I.
22" Bass drum with Remo Pinstripe on batter and stock reso (it is a pretty good damn reso, let me tell you)
Moongels only on floor toms and 12" tom.
16" & 18" Sabian AAX-Plosion Crashes
20" Sabian AAX Stage Ride
14" Sabian AAX Stage Hats
2x Tama Stage Master Boom stands
Mapex Straight C550A stand
Mapex S700 Snare stand
Mapex H550 Hi-Hat stand
Generic Twin Pedal
PDP Drum Throne

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