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Originally Posted by MisterMixelpix View Post
You would be correct. The MAJORITY of metal (and this is one reason Christian metal bothers me) is more aggressive, abrasive, and kind of a downer. It makes sense, the guitars are distorted, the vocals are screamed, the drums are pounding. Not an environment for "hey buy a puppy, they're cute!"
Slipknot also write upbeat music, duality is very upbeat.

The whole metal is about attitude argument fails on me because I've met a lot of people who play in hardcore bands who have a very "metal" attitude but get rejected by the metal masses. Why? They have metal philosophies, they scream, they play fast and aggressive. They get rejected while grind gets accepted which is basically just detuned hardcore at higher tempos.

A lot of metal heads don't think about why they like the music they do and they reject bands based on opinions rather then how they actually sound.

The best example of this is riffs.

Riffs are a very important part of metal music but so many metal bands across different genres use very similar riffs, a lot of black metal bands, Orcustus was one I heard recently who are quite highly respected use old school punk riffs with a ton more distortion, heavily over-driven.
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