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Metal is largely attitude and intention, not what drum beat or guitar tuning you use. Opeth and Slipknot are under the metal umbrella, but they're so far apart under there it's not even funny.

The more you listen to Slipknot, the more you realize what an asset Joey is to the band. Amongst other things, he insisted from early on that all songs be recorded "live" rather than piecemealed together, which to me is pretty awesome. Listen to the self-titled debut, there's a definite feel to it that megaproduced albums lack. As for his drumming, he's absolutely not standard heavy metal fare. Again, especially on early albums. Listen to the drumming on [sic] or Eyeless.

The band itself, the more you get to know 'em, really are pretty awesome. They love their fans, have the utmost reverence for the metal legends, and take what they do very seriously. They aren't just some punk kids.
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