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Originally Posted by JPW View Post
I think it's too early for me and Average to voice our opinions. ;P
It was a fairly interesting read. I think I can understand why people are pretty passionate about the issue. Meg White's playing doesn't really make me have an opinion one way or the other.

I remember when the white stripes were brand new. It was about the time the band The Strokes first hit the scene. I liked what the Strokes were doing at the time because it was so different from the Brittany-pop stuff that was dominating the airwaves and public space loudspeakers. I went to see the Strokes in Lawrence Kansas in a tiny club and they put on a hell of a show. The crowd didn't get it though. A couple of cowboys kept yelling out Free Bird and ACDC. The lead singer lipped off about Kansas being a hick place and after the show, the entire band got beat up. Apparently being from New York and having a loud mouth doesn't necessarily mean you can handle yourself in a fight. I digress.

I tried to get into the White Stripes at the time but they didn't do it for me. I didn't really even notice the drumming and I guess that was the idea.

There is this belief in the drumming community that 'success' is fame and money. Some people think that only the most accomplished drummers should be rich and famous. You'll save yourself a lot of heartache and pain by just accepting that your ability is in no way connected to fame and fortune in the music business. I know it shouldn't be that way, but it is.

Let me give you three examples of phenomenal drummers that you have never heard of, never will, and you won't give enough of a crap to go look them up.

The first is Billy Thommes. He was Johnny Lang's drummer and now plays with numerous acts. He is based out of Minneapolis. The second is Marc Dixon. He plays with an Australian blues musician named Harper, as well as a few other projects. The last is Moe Roberts. He is based out of New York and is currently touring with Shamekia Copeland. In the past 2 years of gigging, those were the three best drummers I shared the stage with. All three have virtuoso level technique, creativity, musicality and yes, feel. They are some of the best drummers currently playing and they will never be famous. Photos are below in the order they were mentioned.
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