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Default Re: Ever had a punch up at your Gig ?

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Ok, we've moved on from band violence to general violence, mayhem and old war stories. Some classics ... KBadd's wife, Ms BADDDD ... the drunken riot ... the fireman's stolen Santa hat lol

Here's a shocker of mine, 1981 vintage. I've probably told it before but that's what old people do.

Anyway, we're playing at this bar near the wharves. All these rough wharfie guys in singlets sitting at the bar getting pissed while we're setting up. They're the day crowd - the humans turn up at night to see the bands. Suddenly this woman appears at the door and starts screaming at one of the drunks ... he probably missed a wedding or something. She storms in, picks up one of the spill trays from the bar, and hurls it at the husband.

He ducked and the corner of the tray hit the guy next to him splitting his head open like elevator doors. Bloody everywhere. They drag him off to the toilets and he staggers out after a while with a blood-soaked bandage around his head. He sat back down and kept drinking.

So we play the gig. No dramas, and we're packing up.

By now the guy with the bandage is completely paralytic as well as concussed. He stands up and starts walking (i.e. staggering). His right leg is heading towards the toilets and his left leg is heading towards the band area. Something had to give ... and he fell into one of our hired Bose PA speakers that was mounted on a stand.

The speaker started falling ... you know that slow motion thing in the movies? ... NOOOOOOOooooo! The speaker crashes on to our singer's flute, which was sitting in its open case on the floor. It bent her flute like V. Bye bye flute.

The next week she presented a new song to us at band practice - called Bent Out of Shape ...
Ha ha ha Awesome story! LOL
I've often wanted to do do that to moody flautists!! only with my bare hands not a bose speaker...
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