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Default Re: Best Sticks For Powerful Drumming?

Originally Posted by zildjian_dude101
Hey now, I love Ahead sticks. ..........., don't use them if you play rimshots. I only use them for my Metal and Punk drumming.
I have alot of metal in my background and it shows through in my playing.....No rimshots in metal???? What is wrong with that picture????

Originally Posted by aahznightsky
for any kit drumming actually, i wouldnt recommend thick sticks.

with practice anyone can get a big sound out of their toms, its not about the size of the stick but the skill of the stroke (ever seen Hernandez live? huuuge sound, and his sticks are super thin)

so i recommend thinner sticks ... because they allow for quicker movement between different drums, allowing you to be more nimble moving around different pieces of the kit
I totaly agree with ya man. I use 727's. Its thin....but not toooo thin. I find a 7A a bit to thin though.
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