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Default Re: Ever had a punch up at your Gig ?

I replied once already gotta read this.

We were playing in Sandpoint, Idaho in 1991. A Rock And Roll joint....period! So....the set goes on as is normal. We rock....the crowd rocks! and we have a good time. The 3rd set (of 4) starts about 11:00 PM. My wife/keyboards/lead singer starts back is toward the "main st" window. THE NEXT THING I see/hear is....CRASHhhhh...broken glass and a piece of 3" by 4" STEEL PLATE wizz by my wifes head. TAKE A BREAK NOW! Window broken, steel piece on the floor....wife OK!!!

You see, these total DHd's in the club saw us talking to a local guy (African American) best guy ever!!! They were NOT locals......just idiots....saw "the band" talking to "others". They took revenge. Well....cops came out...FOUND THE F's....they all got fired from their temporary job and we kept rocking!!!

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