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Default Re: Michael Derosier

I really dig MD, and I LOVED the maple kit he had in the Barracuda video with the gong and North toms and the bell tree with the curved holder.....

He had the Bonham set up, but so did a lot of people back then (which was the Krupa/Rich set up before that...). I see the similarities, but all of Heart were Zep fans big time.
One of my favorite licks of his is in Bebe LeStrange in the second verse on the live version where he does the snare/cymbal/hat thing. I always dug his solo on Heart's version of R&R too. Ann's screeching on that song is kind of irritating on that one, but usually she's really good.
Mystral Wind is cool too--& very Zep too, but most of their stuff wasn't like that.
As for his sound, it sounds like REAL drums, that are big without a bunch of processing or tape on them.

I bought the Richard Marx concert video ONLY because of Derosier--he played great, and the band is good, but the songs and the stage presence of Richard Marx is very American Idol (before there was AI haha!). Uck.

The kit he used on the Richard Marx thing is one he used with Alias (light blue with white and black swirl paint), and it had those bad ass curved hanging cymbal stands.

My band opened for Alias in Detroit, and I was bummed that he didn't have those stands (so I could look them over!). The tech said those stands were a PITA.

I was able to meet him and he was real nice which was cool.
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