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Default Re: Meg White

The thing that gets me is how most people always assume that 'fancier' is better.

If something works, it works. It doesn't even matter HOW a person does, or gets to, the 'works' part of it. Good technique or bad, weird angled drums or flat...

You work on things so it's easier to get whats in your head out of your hands.

That's not the point of the Stripes, so you'd not hire a Vinnie or Dennis to play it.

You'd not even bring in a Grohl to play it. It'd be too 'right'.
Sometimes you have to forget everything and just do it. "Over thinking it" is what kills most things creative. And I think a lot of people would find it a little difficult to let go and leave so much space to keep it that simple.

Taking a few words from Steve Jordan, "just because something is simple, doesn't mean it's dumb".

Meg does her thing in the Stripes and that's about the extent of it.
You don't see her playing in other groups, trying to claim some glory, she isn't going out for interviews, or having management say "if you want her on your roster, you gotta do a bunch of ads". She has a few endorsements and they do what they are supposed to do for each other. She's using gear she likes, and people see her using that gear.

I bet even Steve Gadd could walk into a Guitar Center, sit down, play one of his 'money beats' and the kids around (who wouldn't know who he is) would say "who this geezer? he sucks" and try to blow some blast beats to show off.

I'm not comparing Gadd to White, but it's the same idea. What each of them plays works for the music they are doing.
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