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What is metal about slipknot except the growling?

Metal isn't a wall of chugging power chords on detuned guitars.

Joey is a good drummer, Slipknot is a vessel for him to do a lot more then most drummers get the opportunity to playing in a band. The band basically create sound around the percussion, the percussion isn't just the backbone of the music, it is the music.

I dislike Slipknot being called metal as it detracts from the artistic appeal of metal bands such as Opeth. The band is almost a rhythmic ensemble with a shouter (he doesn't really growl) singing the odd pop rock verse. It isn't any more metal than something like Sick of it all, which is hardcore.

That doesn't mean it's bad for all the Slipknot fans. I got over calling things good and bad as it's all subjective, my mother loves Cliff Richard, that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it. Plenty of people out there like Slipknot. Good on them. I just find that apart from the live intensity of their gigs which can be entertaining the music lacks any real substance, most of the guitar parts I can play on the right guitar and I'm a fairly average guitarist and the drums are cool but repetitive. If you are looking at them from a purely technical stand point and take into consideration they are mostly double bass kicks and fills they have nothing on say... Origin.
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