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Default Re: Small cars that fit drums???

I had a mazda 3 (axela outside the u.s.) hatchback. I folded the seats down and it fit a 24, 12, 16, 14 snare, cymbals, hardware case, seat in the back. everything in hardcases. I could even still see out the back window too so there was more space on top for extra stuff.

I have a toyota tacoma extended cab now and I can fit the kick drum in the passenger seat, all the toms and cymbals in the extended cab and just my hardware case in the bed of the truck. of course I can fit a ton of stuff in the bed of the truck, but if I have to leave my truck somewhere I can lock everything up (except for the hardware). I'd like to see somebody try to run off with the hardware case. It probably weights close to 100 lbs. (all dw. heavy duty 5000 & 9000 hardware.
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