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Default Re: Bass Players

I'd never say "All bassists are wankers." In fact, I'd never say wankers in public.

Point being I've had bad bassists, I've had good bassists, I've had a bassist that couldn't fill the roll and I've had bassists that were not fit for the job. It's all about the person. The bassist I have now is my roommate in college, he's a classically trained cellist. Me being a classical violinist works great with him, our accents flow and it makes our music decently interesting (imo). He's pretty dedicated, sometimes he has trouble getting to practice, but me and him can practice during the week, so it's all good.

Point is, some bassists are great, and some suck, and some are "wankers," and some are the coolest mofos you will ever meet.

I think we can all agree that Sax players are our real enemies.
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