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Default Re: Small cars that fit drums???

Back in the 90's I had an 89 Ford Thunderbird. It's not the smallest car out there but I was always able to get my 6 piece kit in there as well as an Orange half stack, an acoustic and two electric guitars, me and our singer. We had to commute back and forth between Omaha and Lincoln because the other half of our band lived there.
Ever since then I've had a mini van. I'm on my third one. Some people are too cool for a mini van but I drive mine with pride. It's a comfortable vehicle for a big guy and I don't have to be a master Tetris player (although I am) to get my gear loaded up. I can still fit me and 3 others comfortably with all of my drums in the back. All of this with a clear line of sight out the back window. It only gets 20 miles to the gallon, so there is a trade off.
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