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I've had serious problems with a C & W bass player who tried to tell me what to play, how to play,when to play, and even tried to tell me to the point of insisting that I don't bring my floor tom to a gig because I didn't seem to use it much. This guy has a history of running people off with his egotistical attitude and obnoxious behavior.

And I've had serious problems with a guitarist who friggin' thought he was on par with Paul McCartney and acted like it. This d-bag even dressed like the Beatles. It was 2009 and he was dressed as like it was 1967 or '68. But boy, talk to him about music and he sounded as though he invented the guitar. But other guitar players pulled me aside and complained of his weird chord choices and poor leadership abilities.

Things got heated between us when he didn't even know what an eighth note was or why it's not good to tune drums to sound exactly like cardboard boxes, which he claimed was his "favorite" drum sound. I finally told him to go find cardboard boxes to play and that should satisfy him. Boy, he was *issed at that comment. Ha!!
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