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I think what upsets people about Meg is that she challenges expectations. I think many people have certain standards in their head about how a pro drummer should play. Then along comes Meg who defies those standards, and the end result is a great sound and great success. That must be frustrating for some!

I see this sort of thing in the arts all the time. For example, I've been involved in video/film production for a long time. Back in the day, there was this accepted standard that if you were making a dramatic fictional narrative, you mounted your camera on a tripod and held static shots or made very smooth camera movements. If you went handheld and ended up with shaky footage, it was considered "sloppy" and "amateurish." Then somebody decided to intentionally break "the rules" and make shaky footage on purpose. The style really caught on. Now you see that kind of camera work all the time.

What you end up learning is there are no rules in art, and you realize that what works, works. Meg totally works.
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