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Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
To be even fairer, you don't know that they ALL are. You've just swept through the world's bass player community and branded them ALL as wankers. Even if it was a tounge-in-cheek jibe, there's still no basis to rebutt Ian's statement. They can't all be wankers can they? Personally, i've never worked with a bad one......guitarists and lead singers that's another issue.
No you're right, my best friend picked up the bass about this time last year. I hope he never ends up being one of "them". No i'm sure they're not all wankers, some of them are probably quite nice but it seems just for the most part they're just a bunch of cynical cold hearted bullies. What i also hate about them is they make you think they're alright when they're talking about music but then if the topic goes off onto anything else they just completely snap. I just think they're completely sick of life which is why they play the bass in the first place.
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