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Default Re: Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson

Originally Posted by caprisun3484 View Post
what are some of your guys favorite Roots songs and ?uestlove drum parts
If you're looking for actual favorite songs, I'm a bit biased as a die-hard hip hop fan, I tend to look for lyricism and flow as much as beats, so I'll give you songs that I think exemplify ?uest's ability on drums.

Don't Feel Right
In The Music
Take It There
Livin' In A New World
Clock With No Hands
How I Got Over
Respond React
Push Up Ya Lighter
What They Do
UNIverse At War
One Shine
Good Music (Prelude)
!!!!! <---Yes, that's the name of the song. Good luck finding it. Most search engines won't accept punctuation. It's on the Phrenology album.
The Seed (2.0) --- I don't think it's that great a song, but others swear by it.
Break You Off
Quills ---- Best Roots song ever!!! (top 3 at least)
Get Busy
75 Bars --- I'm pretty sure this song is almost all snare
Rising Up
I Can't Help It
The Show
Without A Doubt
Act Too (The Love Of My Life)
100% Dundee
You Got Me The end is great
I Don't Care
Guns Are Drawn
The Web Great swingy beat
Why (What's Goin On?)
In Love With The Mic

By the way, a great instrumental Roots album is "Dilla Joints." It's The Roots doing instrumental covers of previously electronic beats made by a famous, (and sadly, deceased, beat maker; J Dilla). But every track on here is great.

Going through my iTunes made me re-realize how incredibly awesome this cat is. If you haven't given him the chance, please do.
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