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Default Re: Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson

Sorry for the necro post, but it's not only necessary, but required of me. ?uestlove is the reason I picked up sticks. My friend introduced me to The Roots, (I've always been a huge hip hop fan), and there was something about the beats that I couldn't let go. It was swingy and jazzy, but it was clean and crisp, and Cool-?uest doesn't miss a beat. He, (and I) have literally gotten into arguments with people claiming that they're playing a recorded and looped track. Anyone that respects Ringo for his ability to play a steady beat throughout a song with little fills, pauses, or solos, (?uesto only really does solos when playing live), should give Questlove 100x more props.

The beats he plays are far more elaborate, mixing hi-hats, rides, and multiple snares per measure! He can also go to town on the bass drum. I'm sure he can play faster and better on bass without using a double, than most double bass players can.

He is quite the music connoisseur too if you don't know. I'm not sure he's ever really talked about drummer-influences, but he will tell you anything you need to know about any artist that contributed anything to music from the past 50 years. His crates are the deepest.

I also madly respect ?uestlove for playing drums in a genre ruled by drum machines. I will always live by the motto that drum machines have no soul. ?uest stands out from the rest. He certainly paved the way for anyone that wanted to drum in hip hop, or any other electronic genre of music. Also, considering the lack of mainstream success, he is one of the hardest working artists in hip hop. I have never seen anyone like him. I hope the Jimmy Fallon show sheds some light on him and his band. (Yes it's his band, despite the fact that Black Thought is the vocalist).
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