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Default Re: Show Off your SONOR DRUMS.

Hey guys, Sorry i know this isn't the proper section but i want to get Sonor Owners to answer the question for me!

There are Force 3007's going for 649.95(like 655 CDN) thats w/o hardware, and there is a Sonor Special Edition going for $699(705 CDN?) with sonor 200 series hardware. I'm not a pro drummer or even semi-pro drummer by any means, i just play with my friends and we do occasional shows and are currently recording. I want to know it would be best to get the 3007's and buy a separate hardware pack or to get the special editions? Also to you 3007 owners, Is the 14" floor tom deep? because i prefer deeper floor toms but i like the sound of 8" rack toms( can't find a set with 16" floor and 8" rack :( )

Thanks!! And again i apologize to those of you who are pissed because i posted in the show off your drums thread!!

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