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Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
Well to be fair, not knowing them personally you can't really say whether they're wankers or not.
To be even fairer, you don't know that they ALL are. You've just swept through the world's bass player community and branded them ALL as wankers. Even if it was a tounge-in-cheek jibe, there's still no basis to rebutt Ian's statement. They can't all be wankers can they? Personally, i've never worked with a bad one......guitarists and lead singers that's another issue.

Tommy, in every band I've ever played in, the bassist has been my greatest ally. I always really encouraged the unity of the 'rhythm section', as when it works well together I believe it helps solidify the whole band. There's no sweeter vibe than a tight rhythm section IMO.

I'd take the previous advice and talk to him personally. Especially if he is a friend. Do it over a beer or two away from the practice room. Don't be afraid to drive home your point, but for the moment I'd see if I could work it out without involving the rest of the band or threatening anyone's job. That time may well come, but I'd try the personal approach first.

Best of luck......hope he takes it on board.
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