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Originally Posted by aydee View Post
I've seen this animal before so i'll get straight to the point. Your bass player is a guitar player in heavy disguise. He wants the bass to be heard, to be noticed, and not just be relegated to a rhythm section role. He secretly wants to put his foot on the stage monitors, spread his legs, and flap his hair, and play guitar solos on his bass!! He wants to be a front man, a Sta' !

Thats what he dreams of.

Will he change completely to the requirements of your band. I don't know but I seriously doubt it.

Yes, yes YES! I'm dealing with just such a character right now. He's loud, over-the-top, plays but doesn't *listen* to the rest of the band, and is generally a huge d-bag. His attitude is terrible and I'm the only one that seems to *outwardly* disagree with the guy. I think I may have been "fired" from the band (cold shoulder for 2 weeks now), since this bassist has assumed the role of band leader. I don't care at this point...I'm actually a little relieved.

I've asked this on here before and I'll ask it again...WTF IS it with bassists? Why have I had so many problems w/ people who play the frickin' bass guitar? I've gotten along famously with everyone else I've played with....bassists always seem to be the most obnoxious of the bunch.
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