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Default Re: Pretentious music??

Originally Posted by Bosphorus View Post
Thats a pretty good observation Polly, we're all being haters for no reason! I suppose i would'nt mind having some people like that in an audience who thought everything you played was great.......but i'd say as the years go by and I get better ( i hope) I would probably only want guys at a jazz gig who appreciated what was being played. But for some reason in any other kind of music i would'nt mind it really!
I wouldn't bet on them saying you sounded great. When a pretend-connoisseur isn't listening to the music he doesn't dare say the band is great, just in case they're not. Safer to say, "Oh, I suppose they're ok ... but nothing compared with [name artist who's better than almost everyone]".

Still, as I say, they're harmless, buy drinks and they make the room look more full :)

Hey - I just thought of a pretentious musician! There was this guy in my local area around 1980 who fancied himself as a kind of Svengali character and would gather all these amateur players with nothing better to do to play in his band. He thought he was the ant's pants, but he was such an atrocious guitarist that I actually saw guys in the audience laughing when he played a solo.

Everyone in the band was a far more accomplished than he was but he called the shots and ruled with an iron fist. There was a very solid bassist and a female singer who'd been getting lessons at the Con. Jones, the band leader, fancied himself as a ladies man and kept on trying to crack on to her. A guitarist I'd played with in a previous band had taken up percussion lessons and was playing in this guy's band to get some experience.

Finally my friend got sick of Jones's idiocy and poached the singer and bassist, and I left the band I was in to join them in starting up a new group. We even played a song that our singer wrote about him ... :"Jones walks the streets, with that look in his eye" (to a sinister melody). It was hilarious but sadly I never got a recording of it :(
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