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Originally Posted by Tommycanuhearme View Post
We are having issues with our bass player, he plays louder than the guitarist and is very trebly. There is no bottom, we've addressed this with him and he had a better tone at the next gig, but soon went back to his old ways. We made a recording at our last gig and he was overpowering both guitarist and was still very trebly. He's a good friend, but I told my lead vocalist that if he did not change I wanted to fire him. Has anyone had a bass player like this? Any advice on this matter would be appreciated.
The thing you have to remember, tommy, is that bass players are all a bunch of wankers. They pretend that they're being reasonable when in actual fact they're just condescending, arrogant and self-righteous and think that everything that goes wrong in the band is everybody else's fault but their own. I should know, i WAS a bass player at one point! They act all calm and shit but really they're just cold hearted and constantly waiting to find something nasty to say about other people. I had one of them the other day telling me that if he saw me he was going to rip my flesh tunnels out of my earlobes just because he doesn't like the way they look, and this bloke is nearly 40. So you tell me who's really calm and reasonable when they say stuff like that.

I think it's important that you get a bit of "inside knowledge" on bass players so that we can sort your problem out. When you say "trebly" do you mean like high gain distortion, bit of distortion or is it just a clean high pitched clicking sound that is the problem? If it's the former, tell him to turn his gain and tone knobs down, then the master volume on the amp and make sure he keeps it that way. If it's the latter then tell him to turn down the master volume, the top parts of the EQ (either the treble or the 2-10k bands if it's a graphic eq, to be honest if he's got any higher up eq sliders than that they should be on 0 anyway because there is no bass tone beyond about 6k, it's all just hiss from the amp at that point) as well as the tweeter setting which should be on his cab, this tends to cause the ear bleedingly high sounding click from a clean bass tone. Get it to a point where it sounds right and if you need to, make a note of his settings so you can make sure he doesn't deviate at a later point, unless it's nessecary from an acoustics POV. I hope this can be of assistance and whatever you do, don't let those bullying monsters in sheep's clothing get you down!
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