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Default Re: Pretentious music??

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
I know the ones ... they barely pay attention to the music and talk through the gigs, yet they aren't simply going through mating rituals or having a social dinner and treating the music as background. They are there to be seen and to pontificate.

On the plus side, they buy drinks (always helps the band's cause), they aren't violent and they don't scream PLAY SOME RAWK AND RAWWWWL!!! I reckon there are plenty of worse things a person can be than a wanker, and there are plenty worse things for a band than to have poseurs at their gigs - like having diddly squat people there!
Thats a pretty good observation Polly, we're all being haters for no reason! I suppose i would'nt mind having some people like that in an audience who thought everything you played was great.......but i'd say as the years go by and I get better ( i hope) I would probably only want guys at a jazz gig who appreciated what was being played. But for some reason in any other kind of music i would'nt mind it really!
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