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A bass player that "doesn't know his place"...


...the difference is that Vic Wooten makes it sound good...

...there is playing bass as an accompaniment and there is soloing.

He has to learn that the bass guitar is a different instrument to the guitar, the sound qualities of the bass guitar puts into the use it (normally) has.

...while I like bass solos and exciting bass grooves (as opposed to boring mainstream rock basslines)...he has to know what is appropriate, for the overall sound to sound good...

...maybe get the band to learn to play a song with a bass solo (not just a bass break, I mean a bass solo), or maybe something with more exciting bass-lines sometimes some people don't get their release you know.

Flecktones, Tool, Rush, Chilli Peppers, Primus, Cynic are artists that come to mind that feature bass-line "excited-ness".
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