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Default Re: Pretentious music??

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
Pretentious is usually reserved by critics to explain music they don't like.

Any sign of the musicians acting the least bit important while playing music the critics don't like it labeled as pretentious.

For most of Led Zeppelin's active career, they were panned by critics left and right as pretentious, to the point the band hired their own PR man just to deal with the negativity.
Best definition yet, lol. And I suppose to their expert ears, British rock and roll is totally pretentious because it was heavily inspired from the blues, hmmm. Seems to me that most music evolves from another form, and yes, bands like LZ and the Stones heavily copied alot of blues isms, from vocal passages to guitar riffs. But is that pretentious and any different from Punk, Metal, Shred, Death Metal, and everything that came from rock? And how about modern Techno Pop and dance music that evolved from Disco which evolved from Funk which evolved from Jazz Funk, and originated with Jazz?
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