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Default Re: Pretentious music??

Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
Not around these parts.......always think of it as a purely honest expression of music from the heart without the pretense banner attached to it......... just me

Proud to call myself a jazz musician!
Yes, I actually did'nt say what I really meant, like always!

I meant jazz listeners who don't actually play it. I don't know why but if you play it, you seem to be humbled by it, but sitting around in jazz clubs sipping wine at 20years old or so....well a lot of those people sem like posers to me. Kind of like teenagers who try and act all chilled because hendrix did it, you know?..but then again, I'm just lumping people in with each other.

I'm just speaking from experience, i know a guitarist who wanted to hit every club for the jazz fest, i said " but you don't like jazz"....."yes i do!!"...."name me one jazz song or play me one jazz chord on you're guitar"...."haha no"

I really hate pretentious posers...even more than wiggers, they is cool!

then again a lot of music requires you to act pretentious when you are talking about it! You can't exactly say "that was a slammin' E sharp" when talking about Beethoven's moonlight sonata now can you? haha, imagine if people spoke like that about orchesteral music!
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