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Default Re: Recording a demo live

No links available Polly, sorry, but I've done that several times in the past and it works very well if done correctly. Wish I'd done that on our last demo to be honest. Anyhow, a few basic observations. The more you're likely to want to go back in & fix stuff after the initial recording, the greater level of physical instrument separation you'll need. If you're going for the record everything in one room option, (great way of doing it IMO) then the room acoustics become very important indeed. A vocal screen is still a good idea as this allows for greater processing options later. A drum screen also serves to cut down on bleed to other instruments without going the total isolation route. I'm a great fan of boundry mics in such recording situations. Really allows you to play the room sound (sadly lacking on our last recording). I like the warts & all approach to gig getting demo recordings. Just keep playing until there aren't any howlers in there & the vibe is right. Good luck.
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