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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Hey Ken, I'd call cymbals idiophones but drums are membranophones, aren't they? Whatever, I was just being a pretentious *grin* gronk - basically I was saying that maybe once we've gone the full cycle then what we have left is banging two rocks together.

Ah, Breezin'. I played that when doing occasional fill-ins for a MOR restaurant band to augment my meagre student allowance. Funny ... that band gigged more and made more $$ per gig than my original rock band at the time, which had a higher standard of musicianship and far more creative. It's not just Kenny and Pat ... musicians are not rewarded for quality as much as they are for filling a predictable niche in the marketplace.

Here's one way of forming a band and be a success ... get some musos together who plan to make a living from it. Conduct a thorough market analysis and look for business opportunities. Once an unfulfilled need is found, the band chooses covers or writes songs with an aim to fill that market niche. Movers and shakers are found to promote the product and arrange gigs and studio sessions.

All my bands started with people bringing songs they wanted to play and everyone deciding whether they wanted to or could play that song or not.

of course the Skynryrd is pure nostalgia. Pure sugar.
Lynard Skynard's brand of sugar was never for me, though. I do like some pure sugar, though ... like Abba's Money Money Money, 10cc's I'm Not in Love, Anastacia's - I'm Outta Love, Wham's Careless Whisper, My Sharona ... G Spot's Song Bird is lovely chillout music.

On the other hand I love King Crimson's TPTB Pt2, RATM's Killing in the Name, Henry Cow's Beautiful as the Moon, Tower of Power's Can't Stand to See the Slaughter ... some music just hits you in a sweet spot for no good reason.
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