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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hey Todd...

Hope you're well!

Again, I'm wondering....

I really dig the TS 330...I use it on the xpad only, because I only own that one pair. This stick kinda turned me into a 5B guy, I must say. Although I can't really handle the Hickory ones that well. I also like and mostly play the V**** 6B sugar maple because I find it to be like a distant relative to your 330W.

How would you further describe the TS-330 than you already did in MM? I learned that it sums up most of the characteristics you demand of a drumstick and I fígure that you feel comfortable playing all styles of music with this stick....heck I can imagine that's fairly thick, yet not's very well balanced.
But what if you decide to create another autograph-series stick? What if pro-mark approaches you again...?

Or is the question rather and just simply: What's your second favorite stick, Todd?


Thanks for your time and all the best from Bavaria,


PS: Have fun tonite in Valdosta!

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