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Default Friends of the forum, a favour?

Hi guys.

As I'm sure a few of you know I've recently joined a band and things are going well but now Plagues need you!

There's a competition to be on the 'Kerrang Introducing' stage at the 'Slam Dunk Festival' this year. (It's an annual music festival that takes place at Leeds University UK playing alternative music).

basically, in a nutshell, I'd like you to vote for my band :) if you're willing to take 2 minutes out of your day it would be great and a big help to me :) here is what you need to do:

(1) Go to and join the mailing list (it only gives UK locations for you to enter so maybe be cheeky and make one up if your not from the UK?)

(2) Go to your email inbox and email the following to the email address you get sent:



Thats all you have to do and tada! done! you can only vote once so i am literally only asking for 2 min from your day =]

thanks guys =]

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