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Default Re: Pretentious music??

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Yeah, that's what I find confusing. How do you give an outward appearance of substance, skill and gravity while really being crap?

I guess some would say that experimental music does that since some of the practitioners come up with strangely hifalutin comments about what their beeps and buzzes mean, but really it's just musos creating odd soundscapes because they like odd soundscapes, just as Jackson Pollock likes to hurl paint at huge canvases.
You get a good producer.

Couldn't you argue that most music is really pretentious and there are only the few who are really great artists? In that sense, the others are just pretending to be artists. :P

I've met many people over the years who would argue, "life is too short, why listen to anything but the greatest music?" Those people would tend to devalue anything in the popular realm of music-making.

I could give a few examples that I think are pretentious music.

Eleanor Rigby is pretending to be a classical piece of music by using a string quartet. this was the piece that redefined The Beatles as not just a pop sensation though. Was it pure marketing or artistic expression?

The lush orchestrations of Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra.Kind of over done; but very well-crafted.

Anything put out by Motley Crue, which of course also has the pretentious spelling of the name. But some of that stuff is really well-produced.

Marketing artist like Metallica, Madonna or Kurt Cobain as great artists is pretentious to begin with.

What about something like 21 Century Schizoid Man.. Well, prog is the victim. But wasn't the intent of prog to be quite pretentious from the out set. The Moody Blues are the ultimate example, using the orchestra. The excesses of ELP, Yes "doing what classical music does," pretending to be like classical music.

In and of itself, there is nothing wrong with pretense in music.The example, that I gave of Kid Rock's All summer Long, is a well-crafted pop tune. Whether you like it or not, or like him as an artist. You can take apart the song and see that it is well-crafted. But to call Kid Rock a great artist or market him or Kenny G like that, that is somewhat of a marketing fraud.
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