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Default Re: Pretentious music??

Originally Posted by Drums101 View Post
I have heard jazz called pretentious from people because they think it's dumb. I guess they think it doesn't sound good so the people who listen to it only listen to it because they want to put themselves on a higher level and above everyone else. I have tried arguing with them about it, but they are fools.
Funny thing, isn't it? ... "want to put themselves on a higher level and above everyone else". All they want to do is play music that gives them a buzz.

Sure, some musicians have a superiority complex because they're insecure, and for some reason musicians are more likely to have that weird sense of ego-driven status about their prowess, probably more so than gifted accountants and doctors - more kin to lawyers :)

But ultimately they are still just playing in a way that makes them happiest. What they do when not playing is not something I care about.

And yes, Doctor, artifice and fantasy is a huge part of pop.
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