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Default Re: whats with the sudden pike in visitors???

Originally Posted by crdirtRider856 View Post
I remember seeing this image on a documentary about the origin of "Dracula" or some old ruler of Transylvania back in the middle ages. Very sombering if you try to visualize it as real and in front of you. Correct me if I m mistaken...
That is indeed Vlad Terpes the real Count Dracula. Actually he is considered a bit of hero here in Romania because his violent tactics mostly kept aggressive Turkish invaders out of Romania for the larger part of its history. He was known to take thousands of captured Turkish POWS and impale them on spikes, just missing the nerves, forcing them to wriggle on those poles for days at a time. Then Vlad would send a handful of Turk survivors back to Turkey to spread the word about how insane Romanian soldiers could be if you messed with them. It worked. Although the Turkish Empire did occupy Romania for certain periods of time, it was nowhere near as long as the other surrounding places. Mostly they just got used to bypassing Romania and instead spent the greater time dominating surrounding areas like Serbia and Bulgaria.Then Stoker just took all of that, used the Bran Castle as the background and created the modern Dracula legand.
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