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Default Re: Phil Maturano here!

Hi All.

So I want to thank you all for contributing to our great thread on Piracy.

After reading about what we all had to say...Here is what I have done. We have a way for you guys to be a part of the new DVD. "Working the Inner Clock - Part 2"

I am now entering the pre-production phase of the shoot. The music is almost done!! After 7 months of solid writing.

Here is the link to my site where you can read all about becoming a part of the DVD.

I am very grateful for everyones feedback and look forward to seeing how this works out. If this is the new model of things to come, then this is the pioneer effort. A DVD has never been done this way. Lets see what happens.

A sneak peak ...bit about the DVD...If you are familiar with the "Inner Clock" method this will be exciting. If not drop by my page and check out the original book.

Featured Players
This time I will also be featuring some of my favorite musicians from around the world on the tracks. Not only sequenced parts but top musicians playing with the tracks. So that the feel of the pieces drummers and percussionists will play along with is greatly improved. AND...I will be featuring different drummers doing alternate takes of the tunes. So that we can all get as much inspiration as possible from each song. This has never been done before in play along books and I am sure that everyone involved in working with the method will be extremely satisfied.

Guest Artists signed on so far
Cliff Almond Drums (NY)
Tom Kennedy Bass (NY)
Andreas Schermann Piano (DE)
Sean Nowel Sax (NY)
Pete Lockett (UK)
Derrick Murdock Bass (LA)
Jojo Mayer Drums (NY)
Irio Oʼfarill - Bass (NY)
Bob Quaranta - Piano (NY)
Francisco Torres Trombone (LA)
More are in the works!

All the best
Phil M.
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