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Default Re: Pretentious music??

Originally Posted by swiNg View Post
for me, pretencious is the same as take your self to serious, whatever your expression are. be it one chord or 150 strings. a poem or a bricksone in 1500 pages. But that has its place also, i like when people think they got something. Why do they have to be achame when they admit they think their genious? I think its refresshing. And sometimes hilarious.
But that's the thing, Swing (hey, that rhymes). Why did they play that one chord for a whole song? Because they felt like doing something a bit different. Why 150 strings? Same reason. 1500 pages? Because the author kept on thinking of more stuff to put in.

KIS, maybe Lady Gaga is pretentious (I don't know because I've only seen a couple of clips) but her songs and music are just modern pop from what I've gathered. I guess she likes that style and she guessed it would sell, and maybe figured that it would be a good vehicle for an "outrageous" video. But even that's all just a combo of business and fun with a bit of shit-stirring.

Critics and musos seem to look at things differently. The former worry about what it all means and what artists are about. Musos normally just worry about the music sounding good and having a vibe about it.

It's funny because I like lots of music that's accused of being pretentious but half the time I don't even know what the words are about, just that the music sounds wonderful. You know what REALLY peeves me about critics? They often hardly talk about the actual music. You find out about the band's home town, the bands that some of the members used to play in, the books they read, and maybe what some punk rocker thought of them.

I like an album review to say ... Song 1, a lively rocker, funny lyrics, straight up beat, nice guitar solo ... Song 2, the obligatory ballad, great singing and keys, Song 3 has a reggae-ish feel etc etc. That's all anyone wants to know, isn't it? What style the songs are in, the highlights, the bits that worked and the bits that didn't.

Larry, maybe you could go underground for a while too? You could sign off your posts as Ralph Jones or something similarly unassuming ... hey, no, I'm not really Larryace haha ... do I seem like the kinda guy who'd choose a dicky name like that? C'mon! Nah, just call me Ralph, man :)
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